YCD Multimedia Ltd. – Patent Application

Chris Sheldrake

YCD Multimedia Ltd. applied for a patent ‘20100161422 PRECISE MEASUREMENT OF POINT-OF-SALE PROMOTION IMPACT’ last week 24th June 2010.

Described in the ABSTRACT filing as “A method for distribution of information includes displaying a sequence of promotional images at known, respective display times on a display terminal facing customers at a point of sale. Sales of different products at respective sale times are recorded on a sales terminal at the point of sale. A relationship between the sales times of at least one of the products and the display times of at least one of the promotional images is measured. Responsively to the relationship, a change is made in the sequence of the promotional images that are displayed on the display terminal”. it looks pretty woolly to us but maybe there is more in the ‘meat’ of the patent that we understand or can be bothered to learn about.

If reading these things is your thing then click here.

2 Responses to “YCD Multimedia Ltd. – Patent Application”

  1. Prior Fart Says:

    I would have thought that people like DS-IQ would have had that covered long ago !

  2. anon Says:

    DSIQ and 3M and PRN and insert name here. Good luck YCD on that one.

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