Ngage media BV Add 800 Locations

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ngage media BV today announced extra coverage in the Netherlands with an additional 800 locations and 1,900 screens.

Ngage media are of course an independent media sales organization in Digital Out of Home, a company that we have in the past likened to the UK’s Digicom. Last month it seems that Ngage media came to agreements with several digital network owners in the Netherlands and added to its previous installed base of 4,000 locations and 7,000 screens with these additional 800 new locations and 1,900 screens.

The locations we are told are mainly target audience locations and are situated in bars/restaurants, sports locations, cinemas, children’s play yards, hospitals, schools and universities.

Xavier Tilman, managing partner told us “Ngage media is now able to even better service its clients (media agencies and advertisers) in delivering effective target audience campaigns”.

He added “Expect more news on expansion in the near future”.

About Ngage media

Ngage media is the new partner on Digital Out of Home. Ngage media gives insights in the Dutch Digital market, connects the players, the networks and the individual screens and optimizes the sales on digital screens. Ngage media follows trends in the Netherlands and abroad and uses these insights in tailor made solutions for advertisers, media agencies and specialists, sales organizations and network owners. Ngage media is unique in its role in the Netherlands as it is 100% independent (no ownership of networks).

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