Net Display Systems Releases PADS4Airports

Chris Sheldrake

Net Display Systems (NDS) this week introduced a number of out-of-the-box digital signage solutions generically called PADS Suites.

Each PADS Suite is a collection of components consisting of the PADS Professional software, plus a content management system (CMS) and a collection of screen templates especially designed for a particular business sector.

The first PADS Suite release is PADS4Airports: a bundle of products aimed at offering small to medium-sized airports an affordable, out-of-the-box solution for FIDS (Flight Information Display Systems).

With PADS4Airports we are told, users can store and manage flight information and have it displayed across an entire airport. The same solution can also be used for displaying any other form of information, such as advertising, live news, weather information, way finding information or emergency evacuation instructions.

The ready-to-use screen templates make sure that in no time you can have a professional, fully operational FIDS system up and running at your airport.

2 Responses to “Net Display Systems Releases PADS4Airports”

  1. Dmitry Sokolov Says:

    It’s either phenomenal or preposterous that something as complex as arrivals/departures and airport digital signage is now sold as a turn-key…


  2. Maria Says:

    Childs play really and these guys know what they are doing in DB connectivity having a huge heritage in FIDS. They lack the marketing and have an bovine CEO who just doesn’t take risks ( nearly retired so cosy cosy). Somebody should buy them for a song and market the company effectively. Unsung heroes of FIDS, their product manager is world class.

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