EYE Up-To-Date Medal Tally, Beijing Olympics

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We thought we might have been inundated with Olympics related stories these past few weeks but apart from this one from EYE we can’t think of anything else we have received or seen.

Mind you if you have been watching the coverage on television have you seen anything at all of the official Olympic sponsors? No banners, no hoarding signs – in fact you would have thought just by watching that their were no sponsors at all?

Anyway, media agency OMD and creative agency Grey worked with EYE on this AXA Olympic campaign which really shows off the real time updating capabilities of digital – we like this a lot!

Mike Tyquin, CEO, EYE ANZ told us “The Beijing Olympic medal count campaign executed by AXA Australia is a great example of how EYE’s digital network offers airport advertisers the opportunity to reach consumers … AXA Australia’s use of dynamic airport advertising … provides a showcase of the expanding boundaries of digital OOH.”

This campaign runs nationally across Qantas and Virgin terminals in Australia throughout August and runs on Eye Fly’s digital networks of Business First, DET Digital and Valet Digital.

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