McDonalds, London

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

You keep telling us about digital screen sightings in McDonalds restaurants in London AND our story “Are McDonalds UK Trying Again?” where we wrote (see below) has proved very popular and been something of a talking point…

We have noticed new screens in a couple of central McDonald restaurants in London and wonder whether they are maybe trying again with a digital signage / video based music network?

Imagesound of course supply audio music only to a 1000+ restaurants in the UK and Kaleidovision / Brightspace Media won the trial contract during McDonald’s now aborted ‘plan to win’ campaign several years ago but the original 10 venues in that rollout are now down to 4 or 5 (as franchises change hands and equipment breaks down and is not replaced).

Could we be on for a big network rollout? It’s time that someone other than LibriumTV (in the Netherlands) did a good McDonalds rollout.

If we were keeping count we would say we have, in addition to the two restaurants above, seen in windows vinyl wraps and rear projection screens (it’s good quality so looks like 3M Vikuiti) advertising various meal deals.

It’s likely that the two digital initiatives are unrelated but it’s exciting nonetheless.

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