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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We loved the term “Digital Out-of-Home Giant” used in the press release by RMS Networks, Inc to describe Neo Advertising (accurate at least) but suspect that RMS Networks were probably a bit too quick off the mark to announce any big or long term deals with the so-called-swiss-giant.

This looks like a North American deal (done a long way from Geneva headquarters whilst the bosses are away on vacation) and cemented only with the Neo organisation in Montreal.

The last line in their statement below “Neo Advertising plans to immediately begin utilizing rVue, RMS’ addressable advertising technology, in their existing Canadian locations, as well as future outlets located in Europe and North America” should be taken with a BIG pinch of salt…

Digital Out-of-Home Giant Selects RMS Networks’ Addressable Advertising Technology, Other Services for Existing Networks and Future Expansions into North America.

(I-Newswire) – Fort Lauderdale, FL ( August 19, 2008 ) Swiss Neo Advertising, the leading provider and operator of Digital Out-of-Home Networks, announced today that they have chosen RMS Networks’ as the company’s U.S. affiliate. Neo Advertising plans to immediately begin utilizing rVue, RMS’ addressable advertising technology, in their existing Canadian locations, as well as future outlets located in Europe and North America.

One of Europe’s fastest growing Digital Out-of-Home groups, Neo Advertising currently operates over 50,000 screens in premier locations in Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Poland and Italy. Positioning the company for continued growth, they investigated the market’s best-in-class technology solutions and industry leaders for its next strategic relationship. Neo selected RMS Networks for its reputation, full-service capabilities and proprietary rVue technology as it eyes expansion into the United States.

“To maintain our highest standards of quality and ROI through our growth, we only choose partners who have already achieved success and respect in the competitive Out-Of-Home market,” said Benjamin Mathieu, CEO North America for Neo Advertising. “RMS Networks and their rVue technology is a perfect fit for this objective.”

Unlike other technology choices reviewed, RMS Networks’ rVue application enables outlets and advertising agencies to pull in additional advertising revenue immediately. It is a stand-alone application that can manage networks independently with drag and drop ease, or integrate with most other existing digital signage software, if desired.

“Neo Advertising has grown into one of Europe and Canada’s largest and most well-respected providers of digital signage. The industry is poised for record adoption over the next few years, and Neo is in an ideal position to capitalize on the wave,” notes Jason Kates, Founder, President and CEO of RMS Networks. “RMS is proud to work with Neo as they continue their impressive growth.”

We are not sure how long Broadsign will actually stay as the preferred signage solution to Neo Advertising, if they (Broadsign) carry on the way they are “arrogant, aloof and unresponsive” so we keep hearing from many people in the industry then they won’t have Neo’s business for much longer.

Anyway at least with regard this press release, we don’t think it is an accurate reflection of what is going on at Neo Advertising as a whole / nor a sign of a new technology direction so Broadsign can breathe easy again – at least for the moment!

About RMS

RMS is the leading internet-based, digital media and marketing agency that develops, manages and delivers the most relevant video advertising segments to millions of consumers daily. Through rVue, RMS’ proprietary addressable advertising technology, high-traffic venues and consumers can access HD video content, create play lists and dramatically enhance the shopping experience. From its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL., RMS has served the nation’s most respected and recognizable brands including AutoNation, Blockbuster, Subway, Accenture and Advance Auto Parts – all with a simple proposition: Where ROI meets awareness.

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  1. Jon Turner Says:

    At DSE we really wanted to evaluate and learn about Broadsign for our customers. We ended up talking with firmCHANNEL and RMS.

    “arrogant, aloof and unresponsive” made me laugh out loud – it really does seem to summarize the Broadsign go-to-market strategy.

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