Flyers Are Tech-Savvy Consumers

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Airport media specialist, EYE, this week announced the results from their survey into EYE Flyers and their relationship with technology. EYE’s findings deliver an insight into Flyer attitudes, purchase behaviours, media consumption and their thoughts on the future of technology.

The research, which was conducted in July this year, revealed that EYE Flyers feel that technology plays a big part in their lives. More than half (56 per cent) agreed that they keep up to date with developments in technology while 77 per cent feel that technology makes their life more entertaining. Flyers are genuinely excited about new technology with 34 per cent being among the first to buy a new item of technology as soon as it hits the market. They even thought ahead to the products they would buy in the coming year which include Smartphones, PCs, laptops, TVs and the Apple iPad.

John Rankin, General Manger, Eye Fly UK told us “The results of EYE’s survey into Flyers and their relationship with technology indicate a lot of enthusiasm about the subject. As the findings demonstrate, EYE Flyers are prepared to invest in technology and are open to finding out about technology products at the airport. The results reinforce the effectiveness of the airport environment as a medium for advertisers from this product category.”

Other findings from EYE’s study reveal that:

  • On average, EYE Flyers are planning to spend over GBP 1500 in the next 12 months across a wide range of technology products including televisions, computer equipment and mobile phones and 43% agreed they would seriously consider switching their broadband provider in the next 12 months.
  • On average, EYE Flyers will speak to up to four people about their technology purchase.
  • Over a third (38%) agree people come to them for advice before buying new products and 34% will buy new products before most of their friends.
  • A third of people agree that they are influenced by airport advertising when it comes to choosing technology products and 43% had taken action as a result of seeing a technology product advertised.
  • The most commonly purchased items of technology at the airport include digital cameras (16%), MP3 players (15%) and camcorders (9%).
  • Additionally, product demonstrations at the airport gather huge interest as passengers are receptive to new products whilst waiting for their flights.

Forty five per cent agreed that the time they spend at the airport is the perfect opportunity for them to seek advice on new technology products whilst 53 per cent were interested in seeing live technology product demonstrations.

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