Amscreen and Digicom Help Kia Spread Message

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Kia Motors UK, running a tactical campaign on Amscreen’s forecourt network of digital screens, promotes the automobile’s market-leading seven-year warranty, providing reassurance to motorists when they are on the road and reliability is likely to be front of mind.

Through the forecourt network’s flexibility, the campaign – booked through independent digital out-of-home media sales house Digicom – is tailored to deliver Kia’s target audience in the most efficient way possible.

First, the campaign is targeted by geographical location. Digicom worked with Kia’s dealer list to deliver a campaign of 660 venues all within a five-mile drive from a Kia dealership. This dealer support element was critical for Kia to enable potential car buyers to visit a dealership easily to find out more.

Further, the campaign is targeted by time, playing at drivetime (6am-10am and 4pm-8pm) on weekdays, and all day at weekends, across Bank Holiday periods when the highest volume of traffic is on the roads. This planning tactic delivered an audience more likely to be on long journeys, therefore more likely to be engaged by the Kia message. Overall, these levels of targeted communication have delivered an efficient campaign for the Kia brand.

Chris Forrester, Digicom managing director of sales and marketing, says, “Amscreen’s forecourt screen network is proven effective at influencing driver behaviour. Amscreen’s forecourt retail partners use the screens to promote their own motoring offers to the driving audience. The network is a natural fit with car advertisers and the Kia campaign is a great example of best practice use of the screens, exploiting geographical and time-based targeting to deliver an efficient and effective campaign for the Kia brand.”

So far, the campaign ran in two two-week bursts around the peak travel periods of Bank Holiday weekends at the end April and end of May, with the final burst from the middle of August to the final summer Bank Holiday – and, critically, those considering a new car in September’s new registration period.

Research conducted earlier this year by Digicom shows that digital screen advertising compliments car advertisers’ traditional media choices. Among research respondents, 73% believe out-of-home digital screens are a good reminder of products and services (Lake Market Research March 2010).

The campaign was planned and booked by MPG Media Contacts through outdoor specialist Posterscope.

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  1. ian Dobson Says:

    Good work for Digicom.

    Adcentricity’s been doing “conquer” and “conquest” campaigns for auto manufacturers like this for over two years. Today’s news..we’re now using even more effective strategies then this now and the auto industry is lining up at the door.

    The industry will catch up with us one day!

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