Dagobert’s 10 rules of content

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

My favourite presentation from the content focussed Screen Network Owner’s Forum (NOF) earlier in September was from Olivier Debin at Dagobert (there were lots of good presentations).

Dagobert are a content specialist and provide content to literally 10,000’s of screens in about a dozen countries.

There was a lot of nodding from the audience when Oliver went through their 10 rules of content.

  1. Define your own magical triangle between promotion, entertainment and brand experience
  2. Adopt a leading theme
  3. Never forget that it is a furtive media
  4. Open a dialogue with the customer
  5. Create Interactivity
  6. Structure the content with a single graphic code or by introducing
    heterogeneous content with short jingles
  7. Be explicit at any stage of the program
  8. Create an efficient sequencing
  9. Preserve yourself from text overloading
  10. To promote an event, create a “cluster” of animations


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