Akoo’s New Advertising Campaigns

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Akoo, Chicago-based social music television network, isn’t concerned about a joint Association of National Advertisers and Forrester Research survey earlier this year that illustrated marketers’ growing lack of confidence in TV ad effectiveness.

Although that survey showed that approximately 62% of the national advertisers surveyed across 21 industries believed TV advertising had become less effective in the past two years alone, digital out-of-home networks like Akoo seem to be benefiting from this discontent.

Akoo recently launched TV ad campaigns for new clients including Microsoft Xbox 360, Verizon FiOS, Live Nation, Fox Television, and Universal’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World movie trailer and soundtrack. It has also signed a wireless carrier and a pharmaceutical company, both of which will launch their TV campaigns in the coming weeks.

The campaigns follow the successful integration of TV ads on Akoo’s network over the past year. Independently conducted advertising effectiveness studies found that 30-second TV spots in an interactive programming environment often outperformed broadcast TV equivalents in brand metrics such as recall, consideration and purchase intent.

The new Akoo campaigns illustrate the network’s ability to reach high-value audiences away from home. Microsoft Xbox 360 is back on the network promoting its new controller-free gaming device Kinect, one of the game console’s most important product launches yet. Verizon is advertising its FiOS TV service, as it launches in new markets and competes against entrenched cable operators. Live Nation and Universal are connecting with Akoo music fans across the country, while Fox Television is promoting the new Craig Kilborn talk show in several major markets. The Kilborn File has a limited summer run on several Fox stations this summer and may be rolled out across the country next year.

Akoo is available in 54 top markets in 30 states. Akoo programming and advertising is delivered on up to 20 big-screen HDTVs in retail and campus locations, deployed in pairs to obtain full coverage of each seating environment. A professional audio system monitors ambient noise and automatically optimizes volume to provide an immersive audio-visual entertainment experience.

Scheduled network programming includes licensed music videos from all four major record labels: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI, as well as exclusive artist interviews, and original content.

Akoo empowers consumers to participate in the programming experience using their mobile devices. Viewers can discover content codes and request on-demand music videos via SMS text message or mobile app. Viewers can also access Akoo’s free Wi-Fi service to interact with programming, as well as participate in location-based mobile services, mobile couponing, and digital marketplaces.

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