Doohstuff Two Clips For Free

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Doohstuff has up until now been focused on integrating almost 80.000 HD and SD clips into its web shop but the company tells us that they will soon be able to start offering stills and animations as well.

In an interesting marketing exercise, anyone who registers at before October 1st can download two clips for free. Registering is free of charge AND this offer is also valid for people who have already registered with Doohstuff.

The Doohstuff web site also now has a download- and payment module for content. Piet Hein Goossens, managing director Doohstuff told us “Digital signage is heavily in need of affordable content that can be gathered in an easy and transparent way. By expanding our website with a web shop it is very simple to find, buy and download any clip”.

He added “For our digital signage clients we made the search for specific content even easier by ranking our main navigation on the website by classifying several out of home network categories. People simply click on ‘bakery’, ‘butcher’, ‘grocery’ or one of the other 22 main networks which Doohstuff has selected to find the right clips for their screens”

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