Viscom Paris 2010 Likely Hit By General Strike

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

The next (in a series) of general strikes in protest against the proposed retirement reform has just been called for September 23rd. Normally this means major disruption on Paris public transport system (which of course also means chaos on the roads), trains (except Eurostar) and short-haul flights. Problems on the trains start around 6 pm the night before but things usually clear up quite quickly on the morning after.

This could be very bad for Viscom Paris 2010 which is taking place at a site way out of town this year (I happen to think that this is a problem anyway, but it is the biggest trade fair site available in the Paris area). It’s an expensive cab ride. Best access is by regional train (RER) and its just one stop before Charles de Gaulle airport.

With luck there’ll be one train out of two or three. Fortunately visitors will be travelling against the commuter flow, but it will still be a mess. Parisian commuters usually deal with strikes by walking, renting a bicycle or simply ‘working from home’.

I fear that visitors will deal with it by staying at home too BUT it could have been worse – luckily it’s just the last day which is affected, and this tends to be not much more than a good half day anyway.

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