Why Did You Jump? Why Did You Jump?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

All is not well at Vertigo Digital Displays it seems. CEO, Brad Gleeson declined to answer our questions directly (yes we do try and check stories and not just blindly post rumours, gossip and innuendo – something that Gail Chiasson with more than 30 years of experience in journalism has taught us since coming on board) and instead he (Brad) told us “We will be having some significant announcements early next month which will put these rumors to rest”.

The rumours are that the engineering brains behind the business – namely Vertigo ‘CTO’ Chris Bolton is departing permanently soon back home to England in the next month or so and that titular ‘COO’ Ralph Idems is a consultant only to Vertigo. Seems that after the assets of his company Vertigo Group were acquired by Chilin – Idems is neither an employee nor a shareholder of the new Vertigo (Vertigo Digital Displays).

One unhappy customer told us “the shame of it all is that Vertigo does not actually build anything anymore. Vertigo sources enclosure ‘kits’ which it assembles at its Markham, Ontario office. Vertigo closed its fabrication facility some time ago”

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  1. Chris Bolton Says:

    Having just returned from business travelling in Asia 12 hours ago and as the subject of this post, please allow me to be the first to set the record straight.. not only have I no intentions of leaving Vertigo Digital Displays, I could not be more thrilled at the progress of the business since our partnership with Chilin Technology was created a year ago.
    We have several very exciting, and I dare say groundbreaking new products in the pipeline, which could not have been achieved without very close collaboration between our two companies, I have tremendous confidence that Vertigo is poised for significant growth as a result of these developments..
    Regarding my plans to return to the UK, I believe it’s public knowledge that I remain a UK citizen working in Canada on a work permit that expires December 2011, it has always been the intention to return as a family to our home in Cumbria at that time, I worked from the UK for the first five years of the Vertigo partnership and with an expanding customer base I am excited to be able to return, designing and developing world class products as a result of Chilin’s investment in Vertigo’s international infrastucture..
    In summary, I’m afraid your rumours are false and unsubstantiated and I look forward to directing the design of market leading digital out-of-home displays for Vertigo and Chilin Technology for many years to come, in Toronto, Europe and Tainan..
    Chris Bolton

  2. Ralph Idems Says:

    While we, like most companies, do not respond to rumors, as Co-founder, COO, Director and investor of Vertigo Digital Displays please allow me to correct several inaccuracies in your recent post:

    1. Chris is going back to the UK to his home next summer, this was planned a long time ago and is public knowledge as Chris’s work permit expires in early fall next year. Chris will continue to be a key part of the Vertigo/Chilin NPI design team after he movers back to the UK.
    Chris previously worked from the UK for the first 5 years of the Vertigo partnership and as many of our clients are international; this is a benefit to have Chris closer to Europe and the Middle East. The engineering team, including mechanical, structural, thermal and electronics will continue to be expanded and located in Toronto.

    2. Chilin is investing significant capital into the Toronto facility to retool and modernize the facility to manufacture large format indoor and outdoor Enhanced Digital Display systems. They are also investing in significant R & D at the Toronto plant and will be announcing major new product launches in the near future. We have exited some of the traditional metal-working and sheet metal fabrication segments of Vertigo’s original business in order to focus on the more advanced manufacturing processes that are required for the new advanced static and digital display systems.

    3. My position is currently COO of the Toronto facility, reporting to CEO Brad Gleeson in Portland. As the company now has the backing of Chilin it will be expanding globally and positions/titles may change, however as the co-founder of Vertigo I have invested significant time, effort and money to establish Vertigo as the leading DOOH equipment supplier in the world and will continue to be an integral part of the Senior Management team.

    We trust you will promote these corrections to your rumors with as much energy as the original posting received. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.


    Ralph Idems
    COO & Toronto Facility GM
    Vertigo Digital Displays

  3. don rickles Says:

    Yes, I would have to agree with you Ralph, As positions and title changes
    seem to be common practice in all of the businesses you have owned.
    Maybe you should shift your business ethics to a more genuine and sincere
    way of dealing with your partners instead of always trying to dilute
    peoples shares so you can take businesses over for your self. maybe one day you may get the opportunity to walk in the shoes of those people who’s lives youn have destroyed.

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