#DSinvestor – Mobile United

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have three panel discussions on Day 2 of The Strategy Institute’s Digital Signage Investor Conference coming up in New York City 5th – 6th October.

The second of these on day 2 sees Dan Olschwang (President & CEO, Jumptap), Stephen Randall (CEO, LocaModa), Gary Schwartz (President & Founder, Impact Mobile) and Matt Welton (Vice President, USA, never.no standing in for expectant father Kelly Moulton) describe How to Maximize the Convergence of Technologies and Platforms with Place-Based to Enhance Engagement.

I think we all agree that the future of brand experience is one where all screens are united. Whether it’s the web, social media, place-based, or mobile, what are the ways and applications to align the content, utility and engagement across all screens?

Some of the things that we hope to talk about are: –

  • Best practices to incorporate social media
  • Behavioral or transactional data collection and convergence
  • Increase relevance and audience engagement
  • Generate additional value to your network of screens through media convergence.

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