What’s Going On At Pixman

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Even after a week in Toronto and talking to folks locally and from Montreal (Pixman’s home town of course) we couldn’t get anything from anyone about what is going on at Pixman Nomadic Media.

The shares are still suspended (let’s not forget that they were suspended on 23rd July 2008) and what looked like a temporary suspension for a week or so is now starting to look like a much bigger problem.

We can defend them no more to their competitors (and their channel) who ring us and ask what is going on because despite all our best efforts we do not have a clue!!

It’s stupid keeping people (and don’t forget investors) in the dark when a couple of lines (or even an off the record or leaked comment) can save everyone so much angst.

If it’s another DOOH company that has gone to the wall then it’s sad to say that you heard it here first.

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