Outdoor Screens Broadsign Update

Dmitry Sokolov

Reflecting the increasing rate of outdoor installations, BroadSign recently announced an update for their player, edge server and administrator suite – all aimed at functionality sought by outdoor deployments.

Alongside the usual host of ‘enhancements’ or bug fixes, typical of any software update, “Auto Brightness” feature was the main highlight of the release.

This feature is designed for use with displays that incorporate temperature and luminosity sensors. The brightness of the display is automatically adjusted throughout the day based on readings from ambient luminosity sensors. Brightness can also be lowered if temperature sensors detecting overheating.

This is useful not only for outdoor displays but also for public places with high light fluctuation. The possibility for adjustment also reduces the power consumption of a display.

The release also covered a number of Windows 7, rs232 and flash plug-in issues so it may be worth updating your deployed devices.

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