15 Second 3D Holographic Video Advertising Spot

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Imagine a 15-second, 3D holographic video advertising spot playing out in retail stores – excited? Yep you bet. Imagine a record label and an artist utilising 3D video advertising. Still sound good? Yep.
The CD is even available for purchase in the Fred Meyer stores as well so it should get better!

Then we learn that it is all to promote a TV Celebrity and Country Music Chart-Topper 🙁

Just kidding, we know how popular Country Music is in the US 😉

Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc. (“Provision”), a subsidiary of Provision Holding, Inc. (OTCBB: PVHO) told us yesterday…

… that is has received an advertising order from a major record company to promote one of its hot, new, country artists, whose album premiered at #1 on the Billboard Country Album chart in May. While terms of the agreement are confidential, Provision will be working with the number one local radio station in Portland to coordinate the promotion on-air while it runs concurrently in retail stores.

True, that the photo above looks more like something from the CDA in the Monster Inc. film but trust us here, we are told that it is actually one of Provision’s 3D units, called a 3DEO Media Center!

Provision’s 3D units, including its 3DEO Media Centers, utilize a patented Holo™ 3D technology which supposedly projects full-colour, high-resolution videos into space detached from the screen – importantly of course without the need for any special glasses.

The agreement marks the first time a record label and an artist have utilized 3D video advertising in retail stores.

Curt Thornton, President and CEO of Provision Interactive told us “We are excited to be recognized by a large record company and a major reality TV and country-music celebrity as an innovative and interactive way to reach consumers at their point-of-purchase”

He added “Provision’s 3DEO Media Centers offer an outstanding promotional platform and are drawing advertising clients from traditional media. And, of course, celebrities and artists will make our centers more fun than ever.”

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  1. Netbug Says:

    I saw one of these! A real hologram. Yu can put your hand through it and everything. My mind is still trying to wrap around such sci-fi becoming real.

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