Posterscope / LocaModa White Paper

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Out-of-home communications agency, Posterscope, and place based social media company LocaModa have co-authored a white paper titled ‘Sociable Media : Seven ways to connect on line and offline social experiences to deliver engagement, advocacy and brand affinity’.

The white paper is designed to help brands launch simple but effective strategies that reach and engage the connected consumer across multiple channels. The white paper was co-authored by James Davies, Chief Strategy Officer, Posterscope USA / Hyperspace Director, Posterscope UK and Stephen Randall, CEO LocaModa.

James Davies told us “There is much talk about the convergence of out-of-home media, mobile, real world social networks and online social media but very limited appreciation of how communications plans could be improved as a result. The opportunity for OOH media to drive so called earned media is huge as is the engagement potential arising from the combination of digital OOH and social media.“

In the white paper, the authors emphasize that brands need to be where the customer is and foster connectivity and participation across online and out of home channels.

Stephen Randall added “Technologies such as mobile have the ability to connect consumers to brand messages but are only really effective as part of an integrated marketing strategy. The user is just as likely to be watching TV with a phone, iPad or laptop on their laps and similarly, people in venues are just as likely to see brand messages on posters as they are to see them on TVs or via applications on phones.”

The white paper is free to download at

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