PRN Takes Social Media Shopping

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Premier Retail Networks, Inc. (PRN) and LocaModa today announced an agreement to deliver cross-channel social media on PRN’s Checkout TV® Network in supermarkets.

PRN and LocaModa will jointly develop a suite of cross-channel ad units (advertising opportunities) designed to enhance customer engagement at checkout by integrating mobile and Web with digital place-based media. PRN’s advertising solutions now include the ability to display filtered, localized social media components with curated user-influenced content and trending topics collected via mobile texts, Twitter and Facebook. The new place-based ad units are measurable and connect PRN’s Checkout TV® Network to mobile phones and social networks.

Cathy Stauffer, PRN executive vice president, market development told us “Today’s audience enjoys media that is socially connected. LocaModa’s platform helps us create a dialogue between our advertisers and consumers through content displayed on Checkout TV® Network screens in supermarkets that can be continued on other platforms, helping to contribute to even deeper brand engagement.”

LocaModa CEO Stephen Randall added “Today, much of our sociability happens across multiple screens. PRN’s Checkout TV® Network provides a new and untapped entry point to a social message’s path from brand to consumer.” – as an example of the offering, PRN Checkout TV® Network social media ad units could be configured to display the most important shopping items according to local customers’ comments.

Audiences can participate via mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter or brand Web sites, and see aggregated results on the Checkout TV® Network screens as well as online. The same template could be used to display essential items for vacations, holidays, barbecues, etc.

PRN’s Checkout® Network delivers more than 51 million commercial viewers across 950 supermarkets.

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