Microsoft Buys Canesta

Dmitry Sokolov

Sunnyvale-based Canesta, developer of motion-detecting solutions for control and automation of technology and consumer electronics is now acquired by Microsoft.

Canesta Acquired by Microsoft

Founded in  1999, Canesta’s low-cost electronic perception technology enables machines and ordinary electronic devices to perceive and react to nearby objects or individuals in real time. When sight-enabled with Canesta’s unique electronic perception chips and software, consumer, industrial, and scan gain functionality and ease of use not possible in an era when such devices were blind.

Although the acquisition is viewed as largely a consumer electronics play, boosting Microsoft portfolio of interactive investments, Canesta alludes to industrial automation as one of the applications for its technology.

Gesturetek, developer of the popular ‘turn-key’ interactive projection-based digital signage solutions is listed as one of Canesta’s customers. On their corporate site, Gesturetek lists Canesta hardware as a collaborative partner on their recent Hitachi TV project.

Verdict? More investment in interactive and alternative input technologies is a great development and hopefully Microsoft’s nod of approval helps propel investment and interest in this field.

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