Scala Are HP’s Digital Signage Plan

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Further to our post a few weeks back ‘HP Throws Hat In Digital Signage Ring‘ we understand that HP are briefing folks under NDA this week. Attendees are being asked to “keep the information you receive in the briefing in confidence until the 8th November”.

As yet we haven’t been invited to any events, either in the UK (happening Wednesday in London we understand) or elsewhere BUT then again as we haven’t seen sight of or signed an NDA we can tell you that the software side of the deal is with Scala.

Dave Haynes has written a little about HP on his blog here and as he says “I am assuming there MUST be more to HP’s offer than what I have seen recently” and there is, simply put it’s going to be a bundled deal with Scala.

Why wait until 8th November when as usual you can read all the news first here!

6 Responses to “Scala Are HP’s Digital Signage Plan”

  1. vince faville Says:

    I hear it is going to be Scala!

  2. Quresh Noma Says:

    believe it is Scala qstart as saas on standard hp boxes aimed at signagelive nothing to set world alight

  3. Howard Smith Says:

    QuickStart !! unless they have taken a chain saw to their pricing model good luck with that !

  4. Jason Cremins Says:

    @Quresh Noma – As they say; Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    @Howard Smith – I agree and with multiple channels to market and multiple products all with the Scala brand, it will be a challenge to keep their partners happy and proposition clear to end users.

  5. Jackdaw Says:

    Indeed Mr. Cremins is correct. Scala are fattening the cow for an IPO for some time. Big risk in dilution of brand equity and yet again managing to be all things to all people. Bring back Fabian for a real result.

  6. Chris Fitzsimmons Says:

    I was at a briefing yesterday, and whilst I couldn’t possibly confirm or deny any of the speculation, it’s pretty clear that whatever comes out on the 8th is small potatoes from HPs perspective.

    What HP appears much more interested in is working out how it can leverage its position in point of sale and the kiosk market, as well as CRM to make signage systems more intelligent.

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