Digital Signage Forum – Athens

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Secret of Success with Digital Signage and Screen Advertising Networks

Here I am in a lovely warm but perhaps a bit too humid Athens, all set to present tomorrow at the Digital Signage Athens event.

To all intents and purposes the attached PPT is my presentation for tomorrow minus half a dozen graphic intensive slides that I removed (otherwise file would be 2.8mb large).

You miss my wit and repartee of course but the PPT gives you some idea of how I see networks and vendors being successful or not.

Please feel free to use the PPT however you wish but make sure you credit Dagobert and Screenvox if you use their content rules and brand mandates.

If you want to see the best RSS feed interpretation / integration that I have ever seen then take a look at the way the Athens organisers have integrated the RSS feed from this blog into their event web site.

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