Amscreen Signs Up Moto

Geny Caloisi

The UK’s largest nationwide digital media network owner Amscreen today announced a five year deal with motorway service area provider, Moto Hospitality Ltd.

Toddington North Forecourt

Over 100 digital signage screens will be installed into Moto’s forecourt stores and also into the WHSmith stores situated within these service areas. The deal will see screens installed into all 53 locations up and down the country where over 330,000 people pass through the doors of these sites each day.

Moto will be following in the footsteps of all the major fuel brands in the UK who already benefit from the digital forecourt network and that delivers over 35million audience impacts every fortnight.

The screens, which will be positioned around the primary cash tills in both the forecourt and the WHSmith stores, will carry content promoting Moto’s in house promotions and Amscreen will sell media space to potential advertisers. Tom-Tom will also be providing live traffic updates localised to the particular area.

Tim Gittins, Retail Director at Moto told us “We have been monitoring the success of Amscreen since the early days and have been impressed with the impact the company has had on the industry. Choosing to have a screen in the forecourt area and one in a WHSmith store guarantees continuity of messaging and ensures that we are maximising every opportunity to showcase our offers and promotions to a captive audience.”

About Moto

Moto Hospitality Ltd is Britain’s biggest operator of motorway service areas, with 48 sites catering for the needs of over 100 million travellers every year.
Moto is owned by Macquarie Bank, a diversified international provider of specialist investment banking and financial services, with more than 8000 people in 23 countries. Macquarie Bank is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, with a market capitalisation of approx £6.2bn. The Macquarie Bank Group’s total assets are approximately £43.7bn, with a further £57.8bn in assets under management. Macquarie is a global leader in the acquisition, funding and management of infrastructure and essential service assets, with more than 90 assets globally.

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  1. Doug Hogg Says:

    Lets hope the travel and traffic info on this network is CONSIDERABLY more accurate than that on the AMSCREEN system screen at a BP/M&S filling station on the A82 on the outskirts of Glasgow that I pulled into at about 11pm on Sunday night.
    The Traffic/road report on the screen told motorists that there was a delay of 16 minutes on the A82 Northbound due to “slow traffic”.
    I had just spent 9 hours on the A82 Southbound and it wasnt due to slow traffic – try snow and abandoned vehicles. There must have been hundreds of vehicles up there. The journey North would have been even worse as there was an incident on the North bound side which meant that they were not moving at all. Any drivers seeing this would be thinking that they had a clear run and by the time they found out that the information was rubbish, they would have been stuck in it all with no way to turn back as the road conditions would have prevented them turning around. Some drivers had been stuck unmoving for 7 hours Northbound…
    IF you are going to provide traffic info guys – at least keep it up to date PLEASE!!!!

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