Control Your Digital Signs With A Tweet

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Pixel Inspiration’s web based Content Management system works with many of the leading Digital Signage platforms including CoolSign and Scala and their latest upgrade enables clients to update their digital signage network using Twitter.

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The newly added functionality allows authorised users to send a private tweet, instructing their signs to update with new content. With twitter apps being available on virtually every smartphone platform, this latest update provides users without easy access to a desktop PC with the ability to easily control their digital signs.

The system is not simply a twitter feed, instead it provides advanced granular controls to associate each twitter user with one or more screens, content items, templates and fields. This means that everything from simply turning content on and off, to updating a content field, such as a product’s price point, is now possible from a mobile device.

Nikk Smith, Technical Director, Pixel Inspiration told us “This latest update to our long standing Content Management service provides users with an extremely quick method of updating their screens in instances where they may not have access to a PC. The proliferation of smartphones and twitter messaging provides an ideal, always-on management interface that requires little training.”

He added “Our CMS already enables retailers to combine the power of mobile marketing alongside the vibrancy of digital signage content to not only reach out to, but actually engage with shoppers in store. This latest update simply allows the managers of that content to update it with speed and simplicity.”

Lou Giacalone, Jr. CoolSign Founder told us exclusively “Exciting stuff indeed. As you know, I firmly believe that handhelds and tablets are the controls of the future for signage. The traditional interfaces will become more “administrator consoles” with their broad scope functionality, but the routine tasks will be executed with lightweight apps and web portals streamlining specific workflows.”

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  1. Teo Says:

    Great work Nikk. Is that worth an innovation award?

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