The Boquería Market, Barcelona

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Boquería Market in Barcelona has powered up the largest digital signage screen in the city, namely a video wall created with nine 47” screens and promoted by Corporació Catalana de Ràdio i Televisió (Catalan Radio and Television Corporation), the Institut Municipal de Mercats de Barcelona (Barcelona Municipal Markets Institute) and the Traders Association of La Boqueria.

The Boquería Market, Barcelona

The company responsible for this advertising venture is La Parada Visual.

The purpose of this project we are told is to take television onto the street and combine it with the options offered by digital signage, creating a digital experience for all those who visit La Boquería.

This particular market attracts crowds of 300,000 people every week, thereby constituting an important potential audience with which to establish communication. In addition to the television and digital signage strategy, the aim is to achieve digital cross-media communication, allowing the ‘Boquería Community’ on Facebook to interact with the real “Boquería Community” which visits the market each day.

The video wall will also be a communication point for activities organised in the markets network in the city of Barcelona, all of which are owned by the city council, and controlled by the Institut Municipal de Mercats.

Carles Jiménez, director of La Parada Visual and responsible for La Boquería Media told us “We believe this project constitutes a new communication channel with the thousands of visitors that come to La Boquería, and we want to build a community that will allow us to unite our online strategies with the real experience of consumers in the market. The screens in La Boquería also offer announcers and sponsors the opportunity to participate in communicating with our public, thereby opening up new horizons of effective communication via an innovative channel”.

For this start-up, La Boquería and La Parada Visual have enlisted the help of Roi Iglesias, director of Neo Advertising España, who is in charge of the market’s corporate development through digital signage and who will be collaborating in the task of managing and creating publicity for this new screen.

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