DSA Publishes Digital Signage Almanac 2011

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Digital Screenmedia Association, an non-profit organization that works to advance the growth and excellence of the global digital signage, interactive kiosk and mobile community, has published the inaugural installment of its Digital Signage Almanac 2011.

The 63-page report includes expert commentary on a number of current issues facing the industry, such as building a green agenda, digital billboards, DOOH advertising, dealing with ad agencies, and the in-store shopping experience. Commentators include:
 Richard Cobbold, co-founder, Digital View and The Screen; Darrin Friskney, director, Watchfire Digital Outdoor; Jeff Golimowski, communications director, Outdoor Advertising Association of America; Rob Gorrie, president and co-founder, Adcentricity; Matt Schmitt, founder and CEO, Reflect.

“In this publication, we review the successes of the past, look ahead to what’s new in the industry and provide some useful reference information,” says David Drain, DSA executive director. “I’m sure readers will want to keep this publication handy and reference it from time to time throughout the year.”

The Almanac contains 12 recent case studies, and also doubles as a comprehensive member directory for the Digital Screenmedia Association. The report is available for $249, or $199 for DSA members, and can be purchased at www.digitalscreenmedia.org/inc/sdetail/21537.

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