MINI Vending Machine

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

With a MINI to satisfy every craving, MINI Canada is showing off the MINI Vending Machine, its largest-ever fully-interactive night projection in Canada which showcases the latest 2011 MINIs with a variety of different colour combinations and accessories.

Its message: nobody can do customization like MINI can.

Passersby are able to interact with the projection by texting to a short code to select the MINI of their choice. This triggers the MINI they’ve selected to drive around in a fun animation, making its way down to the bottom of the vending machine in trademark cheeky MINI style. Animations include a MINI whipping through an action-packed pinball machine, a MINI doing some serious doughnuts while the vending machine fills with smoke, and a MINI breaking through the vending machine glass and parachuting its way down.

As the animation plays, a personalized-response SMS message is dispatched to the participant, encouraging them to click through to a mobile optimized web page to become a MINI Facebook fan.

The concept was developed by TAXI 2, Toronto.

“The interactive MINI Vending Machine provides MINI fans with the opportunity to interact and experience the ultimate in customization, extreme driving fun, and the excitement that only MINI can deliver,” says John Cappella, director, MINI Canada. “The integration of outdoor projection technology and social media is an exciting first for MINI.”

Lance Martin, creative director, TAXI 2, says, “We wanted to show off the possibilities that MINI customization allows in a way only MINI could do. By encouraging the public to interact with the brand, users and onlookers get to experience the fun and irreverence that come with being a MINI driver.”

Media Experts, the media agency of record for MINI Canada, sourced various high-traffic locations throughout Toronto, catering to several key demographics, where the MINI Vending Machine is being projected during the month of December.

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