#ISEUROPE – Trumedia 11D52

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We fell off of our collective chairs when we got an email from Trumedia indicating that they had shock, horror taken money out of theirs (or more likely someone else’s) pocket and actually stumped up for a booth (ostensibly of their own) at next February’s #ISEUROPE event in Amsterdam…

Once we were on the floor though, they didn’t let us down (any further) and gave us plenty to ponder and laugh about.

  1. Like many journalists we just love invites and press releases coming to us as JPGs
  2. Did you know that “It’s time to intergrate <sic>with Trumedia”
  3. The file name of the actual attached JPG file got us thinking as well; iseinvitationwithcognos.jpg

The JPG invite says that the booth is a collaboration with Cisco and Digital Screens – Digital Screens of course are part of VENCO ELECTRONICA S.A..

We originally doubted if Cisco would have much involvement but as Cisco’s (relatively new) European Sales Director for Cisco’s Digital Media solutions is based in Barcelona you might find that all three, do indeed, make strange enough bedfellows.

Having said all that it is actually very good that they are exhibiting.

4 Responses to “#ISEUROPE – Trumedia 11D52”

  1. DSguy Says:

    I think that behind this email is much more than a JPG. But you’ll have to wait for ISE to find out.

  2. Moti Fattal Says:

    Making such an issue ove one letter ..Yes.. I’m sure people will not make it to the show over this typo!

  3. Tom Says:

    You simply envie TruMedia.. it is obvious..all the rest is bullshit..

  4. martha Says:

    It Looks and feels great! Cisco, TruMedia and DS together sounds promising! ( so what if DS is actually VENCO?)

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