Calm Down, Calm Down

Chris Sheldrake

If the people of Liverpool are not holding coffee mornings tomorrow I am not sure who else will be in the UK after seeing with my own eyes this fantastic screen running our WBCM ’08 campaign creative.

Ocean Outdoor are rightly proud of this 31 metre in length by 7 metre high billboard which we are proud to proclaim as Europe’s largest commercial (i.e. takes advertising) LED.

You don’t get to buy / build billboards this big without deep pockets and Ocean Outdoor, a privately held company took on board ’significant investment’ from Smedvig Capital to help make this (and other things yet to be announced) happen.

Ocean Outdoor who like to specialise in premium advertising opportunities across the UK worked in association with Land Securities, one of the UK’s better Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) to build the giant media wall shown above.

The media wall / billboard (perhaps it is too big to be simply described as a ‘billboard’) was first let by Ocean Outdoor for commercial use on 28th July.

The wall is situated opposite Liverpool’s Lime Street railway station and is just in front of St Johns Shopping Centre (soon itself to undergo a much needed UK PDS 100m transformation).

Like with everyone who donated digital air time for this campaign, which ends tomorrow we cannot thank all the 33 screen networks, big and small who took part.

It’s been a great campaign and real fun playing the part of media planner and media buyer with Macmillan.

From me personally to the UK audience, enjoy your coffee mornings tomorrow!!!

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