MMA To Build Mobile Privacy Guidelines

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Mobile Marketing Association has launched its initiative focused on development of a comprehensive set of mobile privacy guidelines to complement its already well-established Global Code of Conduct.

The objective of these guidelines is to address the growing need for marketers and consumers to have a transparent, accepted understanding as to how consumer information is collected and used for the purposes of relevant value exchange within a mobile marketing context and across market sectors.

“The launch of this initiative shows the MMA’s and mobile industry’s ongoing commitment to the importance of consumer transparency with regards to privacy issues and data collection,” says Greg Stuart, global CEO, MMA. “The industry recognizes that in order for marketers and publishers to responsibly and sustainably engage consumers through and with the mobile channel, we need to continuously update how we address the collection, management and use of personal data or related consumer information.”

The MMA is calling upon leaders across the mobile ecosystem, including media companies, mobile carriers, marketers, agencies and media technologies, to join in this effort by participating on its Privacy Committee. This will also be an important point of discussion at the MMA’s Consumer Best Practices (CBP) meeting, January 25‑26 in Boca Raton, Florida. The CBP meeting is the MMA’s annual forum that facilitates an open dialog around the mobile marketing industry’s consumer-engagement, self-regulatory principles and guidelines, including best practices for messaging, mobile web, applications, advertising, commerce and privacy.

The MMA’s privacy initiative, led by Alan Chapell, president of Chapell & Associates and co-chair of the MMA Privacy Committee, hope to establish a common framework that marketers and media companies can use to engage consumers through and with mobile. These deliverables will help marketers and media companies understand how to appropriately engage consumers directly through the eight mobile media paths (SMS, MMS, Email, Voice, Applications, Mobile Internet, Content and Proximity channels) and with mobile when used in a traditional media context across various market sectors, such as consumer packaged goods, retail, financial services and healthcare.

“As an emerging industry, there’s a significant opportunity in the mobile space for all participants to proactively embrace the concept of ‘privacy by design,’” says Chapell.

Individuals and organizations interested in collaborating with the MMA on these efforts parties should contact the MMA at

Hosted by the MMA’s CBP Committee, the CBP Guidelines provide measures of acceptable and unacceptable practices. Frequently updated, these Guidelines set the industry standard for cross-carrier mobile content services, such as text messaging (SMS), multimedia messaging (MMS), email, shortcode programs, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), mobile web, proximity channels and applications.

To attend the CBP forum, registration is at

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