Brian Andersen Joins Platt Institute

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Brian Andersen who some may know in Europe for his work with the Jyske Bank digital signage system (one of the best banking deployments we have seen) has just joined the Platt Retail Institute. He had been a frequent speaker with Steven Platt at events and so the move is not totally unexpected.

Brian’s office will be in Silkeborg, Denmark.

Steven Keith Platt, PRI’s Director and Research Fellow tell us that “A primary focus of the Denmark office will be the banking and retail industries, as well as consulting to firms that wish to sell digital signage products to banks and financial institutions.

We gather that in addition to consulting, they will look to execute digital signage deployments, provide strategy, metrics, content creation, management and integration, as well as turn-key program management.

With the down turn in the finance market and the banks ‘pulling in their horns’ we wish them luck!!!

About Platt Retail Institute: PRI is a world-renowned retail think tank and the leading expert in research and consulting to retailers, banking, and media companies, as well as other stakeholders in the global digital signage industry.

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