A Canary En Route To London

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If you think you have a long way to travel to get to #ScreenMediaExpo in London in May, spare a thought for Alex McIntosh , Business Development Director at oOh!media who told us “As part of my UK “Celebration Pilgrimage’ to honour Norwich Football Club being promoted back into the Premier League, I will be in London in May” – nothing perhaps surprising about that except (a) Norwich are second in the football table at the moment and haver’t quite clinched promotion just yet and (b) Alex hails from Australia.

Down under, oOh!media are probably the market leader in retail media; marketing a number of signage and experiential opportunities in over 350 shopping centres across the country. Their primary product is ‘Shopalite’ that will be progressively moving to a digital platform, commencing 2011.

With Australia having the most concentrated grocery industry ownership in the Western world, (the chains Coles and Woolworths have together 75% + market share), their retail media network takes on even greater significance for marketers.

Alex told us “oOh!media has an opportunity and obligation to offer our clients (many being FMCG marketers) the most relevant and dynamic messaging platform on the critical ‘path to purchase’ and added “By attending the screenmediaexpo 2011, I know that our business will be availing itself of all current opportunities in the marketplace plus generating understandings of what steps should be taken now to ‘digiproof’ our media network over the next 5 years.

Let’s just hope that his beloved Canaries also gain promotion!

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  1. Alex "Canary " McIntosh Says:

    Let it be on record that as of3 hours ago the mighty Canaries are now in the Premier League. look forward to meeting all at the expo.

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