PC Or Not PC Debate, Italy

Giuseppe AndrianĂ²

It’s been in place for some months and now it seems we are reaching the end of this intriguing story….

One big Telco retailer has finally decided to take a small step in the world of Digital Signage – they have not necessarily been looking for the most interactive and advanced Digital Signage solution but only the most stable and future proof solution to migrate communication from paper to digital in their flagship store and other retailer outlets across Italy.

The first phase with the display bid (around one thousand 46″ LCD screens) seems to be concluded and the winner is a famous (but local) hardware manufacturer that offered a very well designed – Yes italian design, Ed stand for the different usage (portrait, landscape and wall).

Now the competition is around the player and the platform but one thing seems assured (the most important probably) as it looks like the famous shakespeare phrase “PC or not-PC that is the question” is to be repeated once more.

We tell you more in the near future.

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