Orange Wednesday Friday

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Following on from our earlier post with regard the Orange campaign booked by Digicom and running through much of Amscreen’s entire network Friday (only) 7th January 2011 here’s a short clip of the commercial in action…

Amscreen’s LED ticker in this instance (and Orange on black as it happens, please note because we are going to come back to that) is displaying a welcome message for the store locale: “Welcome to your local Londis”.

We know that advertisers are always protective of their brands but we think the campaign, as fantastic as it was, could have been more fun if…

  1. It was run on a Wednesday. ‘Orange Wednesday’ is well advertised in the UK and is an Orange cinema offer, supported by extensive advertising – usually in Cinema chains. Whilst the brand may not have wanted to confuse the two offers (free cinema tickets on a Wednesday and extra value PAYG top-ups in this campaign) surely it was too good an opportunity to miss – i.e extending the ‘Orange Wednesday’ out from UK cinemas to a network of digital screens!
  2. In fact why would Orange not wish to promote ‘Orange Wednesday’ cinema ticket offers around the UK on, yes you guessed it, Wednesdays, and do Pay as You Go top-ups say on another day. With digital the opportunity to easily brand a day of the week is surely too good an opportunity to miss.
  3. The LED ticker was also used (as we say it’s conveniently orange on a black background anyway) as part of the campaign. Just a simple Orange Wednesday / Friday ticker would have added a bit more sense of fun about the whole 24 hour event

Either way, above suggestions taken into account or not, what a great campaign this was to kick off the new year and ably demonstrating so many things that can be done with digital. Let’s hope ad agencies, other brands and media buyers and planners are taking note.

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