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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I am not sure whose idea it was for us here at DailyDOOH Towers to start back at work last Monday but we think we might blame a certain @KyleGPort who (well we did ask our readers) tweeted in reply “@DailyDOOH i vote Mon.!” – Kyle by the way was our first US citizen to sign up for our #ISEUROPE Tweetup which we are hosting together with InAVate Magazine on Tuesday 1st February in Amsterdam.

We can testify that the majority of you were also back at work, at least by Thursday or Friday – our ‘People Friday’ series of posts (did you all notice the ‘xyz JOINS abc‘ and the ‘uvw LEAVES ghi‘ format of the day’s postings?) attracted 3,197 visitors and with the exception of a certain John C. Ryan was seemingly enjoyed by all!

This week we have a couple of guest contributions for your delectation…

  • An exclusive guest post from James Davies at Posterscope – he will be following up on some of the excellent recent musings from RMG Network CEO Garry McGuire
  • A Proof-of-play white paper from Nurlan Urazbaev and Daniel Parisien (both of BroadSign of course)
  • In a similar vein we also have an update on Neo Media Group – a well respected business that has been a long term supporter of ours for many, many years but a business who has been a little quiet of late.

    For those of you heading off to #NRF in NYC enjoy and remember to send us your pictures!

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