#CES – LG’s MicroTile Usage

Andrew Neale

Here’s an interesting display combination spotted at #CES 2011:

LG Electronics CES-2011

Photo by Erich Strasser

Erich from OLED-DISPLAY.net caught this image while reporting on LG showing their new and impressive 31″ OLED 2.9mm thick prototype, which LG says will be available sometime in 2011 (the story is here on OLED-DISPLAY.net).

The picture is actually showing the Mobile Revolution section of their large stand at CES. What most caught our eye, however, is the use of the two LG panels mounted on a wall containing another display system from another manufacturer altogether. It is of course a Christie MicroTiles display mounted flush with, and echoing the shape of, the edge-lit surrounding surface.

As a piece of design, this rather nicely shows how they have used shapes to create a visually stimulating part of the stand, and differentiated it from the others, which are by necessity dominated by the rectangular panel shapes of LG’s TV screens on show.

Here’s another shot from avingrt, with rather more interesting content:

LG Electronics CES-2011

Photo by avingrt

The shape of the MicroTiles display can be described as:  _12X7_5HTHT4H_4H6T2H_HT2H4T2H2T_2T2H4T2HTH_2H6T4H_4H2THT4H_5HT6H_

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