Poynt And Shoot

Geny Caloisi

Multiplied Media Corporation, a developer of mobile applications, has launched an online restaurant reservations, reviews and listings app in the UK called Poynt. Poynt, powered by Toptable, is a GPS-enabled application that connects consumers to local businesses, restaurants and movie theaters at the moment they want to buy or acquire products or services.

Toptable provides online restaurant booking and information for restaurants across the UK. The booking service allows instant reservation once you found the restaurant you were looking for.

Last year the company also launched Poynt360, an augmented reality search feature within the Poynt local search application for iPhone.

Poynt360 overlays search results with the real-world environment as viewed through the iPhone’s camera, providing the user with a powerful augmented local search experience.

Poynt is a free location-aware application that connects iPhone users to local businesses, people, restaurants and movie theaters. To use Poynt360 augmented reality, users select the 360° tab to view search results in two ways; users can point the iPhone camera at the ground to view compass-like arrows pointing them to what is nearby, or use “heads-up display” where they can view the iPhone at eye level to view tags that are placed over locations around them. From the tags, users can perform actions such as placing a call, browsing a website or mapping directions.

The new version of Poynt is available for download for BlackBerry smartphones, iPhone and iPod Touch, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices via Over the Air download at m.poynt.com or from their respective app stores in the United Kingdom.

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