Key Learnings From The Content Unconference

Guest Contributor, Thomas Dockter

The content day was well worth the long and somewhat difficult journey to Paris. I have never met so many content producers for Digital Signage/DOOH in one room. Most impressive to me were the fact that all were talking about their projects and were willing to answer questions. Sharing and learning besides the competitive market we all are in.

Some key learnings that I took home..

  • Digital Signage/DOOH is a local business at least in Europe. All presented examples were really good but designs are not 1 to 1 transferable to other countries. It is like in TV advertising where the same spot has to be localised for different regions. The content producer need a deep understanding of the culture of their target markets. So talking with colleagues from around Europe is essential for agencies who want to serve their customers in different markets.
  • There is not one Digital Signage/DOOH content recipe. The show cases presented had a great variety in styles, concepts and methodology. One content doesn’t fits all. Digital Signage is not only “Place Based” – it is a medium with a high potential for targeting. So designing the Digital Signage Content to the target audience, place and aimed outcome will be the playing field for the experienced content agencies.
  • There is a need for these kind of gatherings. We started a Digital Signage Content Day at viscom Frankfurt in 2008. Since then the industry is maturing and more and more content is needed. We will do an extensive content workshop at viscom düsseldorf and I would be happy to see lot of creatives from all around Europe there.
  • Thanks to Guillaume and Andrea from BlueFox who were perfect hosts to this event.

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