Bob Michaels To Join Digital View?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Former CEO Bob Michaels left Magenta Research in October 2010 when former founder and CEO of Magenta Research Keith Mortensen returned (and what a revelation he has turned out to be).

Bob on the other hand is such a nice guy and so well respected in the industry that many wondered (but more importantly ‘cared’) where he would end up.

Well no surprises that it didn’t take long and it’s just a rumour at the moment BUT we believe he is likely to be going to work for Digital View and will be setting up a brand new Digital Signage Division of which he would be President.

If that’s so then the idiots who run Digital View have perhaps shown that they are not so stupid – now if only said ‘owners’ stopped f**ing about with the ersatz association The Screen Forum, either took seriously or gave it up and were to forget all about LoveContent – or at least linked it to something that benefits the industry rather than the cabal that seems to be Junction 7 (sorry we mean ‘Grand Visual’) and themselves then maybe with a heavy hitter like Bob on board they can help the industry proper (oh and themselves of course).

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