Digiadvans This Sporting Life

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Perhaps its because they were / are UK Outdoor Media Company of the Year 2009 & 2010 or maybe it’s just because they bring results but the brands and the UK media buyers seem to love these Digiadvans guys.

In London today we were told that targeting the big sporting events coming up in the UK (that will be the 6 Nations Rugby tournament and the Cheltenham races then) Standard Life UK (Pensions, Insurance, Savings & Investments) had booked 3 Digiadvans in Scotland and England (why Wales was ignored we don’t know).

15th February also sees The BRIT Awards 2011 – sponsored once again by Mastercard who have booked not 1 but 5 digiadvans to lurk outside the event. Now, can they get us tickets?

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  1. Gavin Hollywood Says:

    Media buyers will need to be fully aware of the actual legal positon of this format, for example offering 6 nations awareness in proximity to Twickenham is prohibited for this type of advertising and illegal, guidelines have been issued by the local authority and buyers who act on behalf of large clients such as Standard Life fully need to understand the legal consequense, simply turning up and hijacking events with full disregard to the law does not do the outdoor or ambient industry any favours.

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