Glasgow schools use Digital Signage to encourage healthy eating

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

When we categorise our industry and classify schools, colleges, universties (the Education sector in general) as self-funded networks (i.e. they pay for the rollout / deployment themselves) we forget perhaps what opportunities there can still be on the network for goodwill and / or 3rd party messages.

Here’s a nice example courtesy of ONELAN, the folks at the bottom of my road here in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire.

As part of its Healthy Eating Campaign throughout the 29 secondary schools under its jurisdiction, Glasgow County Council has implemented ONELAN’s Net-Top-Boxes in school cafeterias to deliver nutritional information and eating guidelines to children.

Glasgow City Council’s Head of ICT and Marketing Brendan Murphy was looking for an effective way to promote healthy eating messages to the students at the point where the food was being served, whilst also creating a more attractive and interesting lunch environment with the addition of music videos and newscasts.

Brenda Murphy said “The schools approve and it seems the kids do too. The ambience of our dining halls has noticeably improved. Also, I have had no formal training as such, but I have implemented a fairly complex environment without issue”.

Nice rollout with a good message.

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