Gone in 30 seconds!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I had quite a few mtgs in London today, first a catch up with Simon Rees, (relatively new) CEO of Avanti Screenmedia, a breakfast mtg with investors and then over lunch had a tour of Eye Corporation’s London showroom.


I will blog in a bit more detail about some of the digital innovation that Eye are doing later but thought it worthwhile to quickly make mention of their spot lengths.

In almost agreement with Dunnhumby’s 5 second spot approach (arbitrarily chosen length I believe), Eye have been running 3 x 7 second spots in every 24 seconds.

This is as a result of a lot of usability research on the footfall and approach patterns of consumers to their digital bilboards (typically 4 and 6 sheet approx in size). Eye Corp are lucky (you make your own luck of course) in being able to place their digital signs carefully – bearing in mind the pedestrian approach.

These locations typically have a 24 second ‘approach’ and so they allow 7, 7 and 7 spots with 3 seconds possibly allocated to the venue / premises itself.

We have to remember that 30 seconds was an arbitrarily chosen figure that suited TVs and the soaps that they run. There is no need for our industry to follow suit and we should do our own research and create our own best practise as to best lengths.


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