YCD’s Three Building Blocks

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A few people (including me for once) received a very nice open letter / email from Barry Salzman (the former DoubleClick president) who is now CEO of YCD Multimedia.

It’s worth a quick mention here as I am about to publish my top 10 DS Software / CMS Solutions (and YCD are very much included)

In the letter he refers to three building blocks that he sees as integral to success and offered by YCD’s suite of solutions. These are: –

  1. the digital media and technology tools to help grow revenue through targeted and measurable digital point-of-sale content
  2. ability to create and control the ambient experience for customers in a way that enhances the brand
  3. enabling corporate communications and training across multiple locations

He goes on to say that “Drawing on my experience as President of DoubleClick’s global media business when the Internet was first emerging as a marketing tool, I believe there are great parallels with today’s digital point-of-sale tools … they will soon exceed the importance of the Internet in the marketing mix”

As an industry, if we get the compliance and the measurement side of things correct then I agree that there is a good parallel with the early Internet Marketing era but as I said in my last two conference speeches – online media spend has skyrocketed thanks to Google, adwords, pay per click etc. which all hinge on measurement and accountability.

Without measurement and accountability our industry will not attract the brands and retailers that we need.


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