#iseurope Twitter Analysis

Andrew Neale

Our twitter analysis report for #iseurope is now pretty much complete and we will be mailing out copies to interested parties on Friday. Below is a very quick summary of the ‘league tables’…

Over 590 individuals tweeted using the hashtag between 15th October 2010 and 8th February 2011 (the period for which our servers collected data).

Top Ten Twitterers

DailyDOOH 307
ravepubs 283
signagelive 89
CrestronHQ 32
inavate 31
73553H 30
AVMag 27
CESTweetWall 26
touchecomm 26

Name, Number of Tweets (as usual)

Top Ten Twitter Impressions

DailyDOOH 557,381
ravepubs 542,608
CrestronHQ 124,242
signagelive 74,616
AVMag 36,513
inavate 20,100
GrimesProAV 19,849
Surface 15,078
panasonic3d 12,347
tradeshownews 11,794

Name, Impressions (as usual)

The overall total number of Twitter impressions was 1,862,507

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