SocGen’s iPad App

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Now I know what an iPad is good for – you put your feet up on a Saturday afternoon and point at still images on a small screen, while next to you, your wife/girlfriend/mistress does the same – pointedly looking away from you and avoiding eye-contact. You point at a fat black man playing saxophone – must be jazz!- while she points at an empty part of a shelf.

I Pad - U Pad

It could be a scene from my own weekend if only it was a hairy kid playing guitar and without the piece of plastic in my hand. Anyway, I’m sure that the advertising geniuses at Apple (not the technical genii) thought they were being very clever in pointing out that their latest gizmo can be sold to both sexes.

I was wondering about this in a Paris Metro station the other day, when something flickering about 2 meters away caught my eye. Wow, it was a video ad on one of those new-fangled vandal-proof digital screens installed by Metrobus.

But there was something odd about it – it was an ad for a bank – an especially conservative one at that – the Société Générale – wow again, they have must have learnt something from Jerome Kerviel after all about moving things around quickly before anyone notices…


Nice ad, maybe I’ll change my mind about them…but what’s this – they’re advertising their iPad app – move over Steve Jobs and let’s hear it for the men in grey suits…!

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