Digital Plays Big Role In Rogers Campaign

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

A new campaign across Quebec by Rogers includes both digital and traditional out-of-home, including Cineplex theatre lobby screens, Captivate screens in elevators, Best Buy and Future Shop screens, and Metrovision screens in subway stations.

The campaign’s message is an offer by Rogers allowing its customers to share their smartphone data bucket between their devices.

“More and more customers own more than one wireless device,“ says Simon Parent, director of marketing and communication at Rogers. “However, they hesitate to subscribe to more than one data plan at a time. We wanted to promote a plan that was flexible enough to allow for sharing data on multiple devices. Simply put, the plan enables users to share their smartphone data with their tablet or Internet stick for laptops.”

The campaign, developed by Montreal ad agency Marketel, targets real ‘pros’ who regularly use several different mobile devices and use them everywhere.

The multimedia campaign also includes television, print, web and point-of-sale. Media buying is by OMD.

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  1. Benjamin Mathieu Says:

    Cineplex, Captivate, Best Buy & FutureShop networks as well as Metrovision … but where is the so called “mall media Expert” Neo-Traffic in this buy?

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