AV Awards 2008 Finalists Announced

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

AV Interactive magazine refused our offer to help judge these awards yet again – it’s gonna sound incredibly arrogant but from a global perspective you will not find anyone better qualified IMPARTIALLY to do so.

Last year we were very critical of their “Digital Signage Project Of The Year Finalists” and even did our own alternative award winners

Anyway here we are again 12 months later with Mr White-Van-Man choosing things like ‘digital signage company of the year’ and ‘digital media project of the year’

We got this list from AV’s blog so it may not yet be 100% accurate and we have only listed our industry relevant categories but here goes…

The short list of finalists for this year’s AV Awards has now been drawn up. Judging was concluded at the end of August and the awards dinner and presentation take place at the Park Lane Hilton, London, on October 10.

Consumer installation of the year

Digital signage installation at Lord’s, by AMX
London Transport Museum, by Electrosonic
Odeon Hatfield digital cinema installation, by NEC

Digital media project of the year

The Comcast Experience, by Barco
The Spirit of 02 Awards, by Sledge
Tower Bridge Interactive Exhibition, by Saville Creative

Digital signage company of the year


Digital signage project of the year

3G stores roll out by AVM
Showcase Cinema De Lux, by Beaver Solutions
Wessex Water Source TV, by Saturn Communications

We welcome your comments before we have our say!!!

4 Responses to “AV Awards 2008 Finalists Announced”

  1. Anon Says:

    A company who has only sold one licence in the US as company of the year? and made redundancy’s after substanial losses? Interesting nominee!

  2. interested of Ealing Says:

    Have they published a list of judges ? may help our opinions

  3. Paul Milligan Says:

    A full list of our judges, and the criteria for winning the awards will be published on the night of the event itself (to do so before would be unprofessional). So you will be able to see for yourself they are far from being the ‘white van men’ you think they are, but are respected figures with the a-v industry with decades of experience in a range of companies.

  4. Greg Jeffreys Says:

    Speaking as one of the judges for AV Awards (but I’m not saying which categories I judged this year), I suppose I must therefore be a White Van Man. If I did have a white van it would have something witty like ‘ALSO AVAILABLE IN WHITE’ written on the dirt on the back. And where else would I keep my furry dice?

    I assume our correspondent is concerned lest the working classes get involved in his areas of specialism. How did he know I keep coal in the bath?

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