That’s Numberwang

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There may well be lies, damned lies and statistics but both Mark Twain and Benjamin Disraeli obviously never met any modern day event organisers.

How organiser Jens Schindler has the gall to claim that his crappy little kiosk event in Essen, Germany is ‘Europe’s Largest Digital Signage Event‘ is absolutely beyond us.

We cannot think of any single measure that allows it to be described as ‘large’ let alone the ‘largest’.

If that wasn’t enough it now seems he also has ‘Europe’s leading digital signage information portal‘.

This is where industry associations should take charge and remind event organisers that they have a duty of care to the industry. These sort of outlandish and frankly ludicrous claims do exhibitors and visitors no good whatsoever.

I’d hope that the likes of OVAB Europe (a letter from them or better still a press release ought to do the trick) or the folks at Invidis consulting would have a word in Jens’ ear and tell him to tone down his rhetoric BUT then again, perhaps we expect too much (honesty).

2 Responses to “That’s Numberwang”

  1. Robert Webb Says:

    Jens and his show have become something of a joke. His ongoing statements are laughable and tedious – anyone in the know – knows so don’t be fooled by stupid claims – if you are a German supplier and want a kiosk then fill your boots – for anyting else don’t waste time – it’s obvious that ISE’s digital signage zone and screen media expo are larger – that’s unless the Netherlands and the UK are no longer in Europe of course

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