#dse2011 Is Content Getting Better?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It was nice, we thought, to see content getting much better at DSE this last week. Whilst there were still some awful stands with folks plainly not getting the message of putting their product into context we think we proibably saw more good examples than bad – especially with the big boys.

Those of note (in no particular order)…

Daktronics LED Ribbon

  • @DSexpo – yes the exhibitors themselves did a grand job, we loved the arch and the entrance way welcome screens.
  • LG – as Jeff Dowell talked content, eco-system, and CCP throughout his press briefing on the Wednesday morning it would have been mad of them not to have done their homework and walked the talk. Whilst their stand could have done with more screens in portrait mode (90% was easily all Landscape / TV mode) the content on the screens was good. We particularly liked their video wall above the reception area.
  • Prysm – it’s amazing what one vendor enterering this space and raising the bar can do to all the others in the industry (we are talking of course of Christie Digital), whilst Prysm sometime copy (think mannequin, think doughnut), they are excuting well and their screens are looking all the better for it all the time
  • Digital Content Show

  • Harris – helped no doubt with the 7-Eleven content and some stuff from Harrods we liked what we saw
  • Christie Digital / Arsenal Integrated. Their Buzzwall and Virtual Shelf. Enough said
  • Daktronics – these guys were the suurprise to us. This was the first time we saw a nice Daktronics stand at any exhibition ever! They usually bring some huge horrible burn your eyes out bright LED billboard with them and then proceed to plug in some DVD and / or run nice pictures of flowers. This time though they had an LED ribbon (the kind seen at soccer and football stadiums) and had relevant content on display and a nice control panel that visitors could use to change the content. Very very good.

Strangely enough some of the worst content on display was in the Digital Content Show – a crammed in space, where competitors sat side by side and opposite each other and used TV screens to try and show their wares. Like some modern day bazaar it was both bizarre and horrible.

5 Responses to “#dse2011 Is Content Getting Better?”

  1. Stephen Dlrsey Says:

    Good overview Adrian. Very good show overall. The content was much better with some great standouts. The Adidas/Intel merchandising wall was amazing – I guess you can do almost anything with $1million! A low point re: content. The Apex Award winners display…poorly printed images on foam core. Really?!

  2. Robb Crocker Says:

    I agree, this was a good review. Although, I must admit that I’m a bit surprised that you would “love the arch” content that Flixio produced, but then lump the company in with “some of the worst content on display” in the Digital Content Show. Maybe you didn’t turn the corner and take a look at the Flixio booth on the outside of the “modern day bazaar” where we were showing a three screen integration and touch screen kiosk? Not looking to ruffle feathers, just looking for some clarification.

  3. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    We loved the Flixio produced arch !!! well done!! The problem with the digital content show was context – all those vendors trying to display content on what for most part were little more than tv screens atop a desk – an appalling way to even attempt to showcase content and the talent on offer.

  4. Kathy Langfield Says:

    The Content has come so far from just a year or two ago. Thanks to all those who have worked so hard on producing relevant and engaging content. I really liked how CISCO and others could target the content to the viewer. That’s a challenge that we have had when designing DS programs for our clients.

  5. Pat Stimpson Says:

    The often stated battlecry that “Content is King” apparently doesn’t translate to our industry show where content providers are relegated to a “modern day bazaar” and award winners are displayed on foamcore photos. “Content is an afterthought” may be a more appropriate monikor in many cases.

    Until we elevate content and creativity to it’s rightful royal position we will remain an emerging industry known for its cool technology and software.

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