Onestop Expands Agency Network

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

With a fleet of A-list agencies now using the Agency Network, the advertising industry’s only digital media channel, Toronto-based Onestop Media Group has announced an aggressive growth and innovations plan.

A year after its launch, Onestop’s Agency Network has expanded to include networks in: Media Experts, Mediacom, Cossette Communications, MEC, PHD (Omnicom), GeoMedia, ZenithOptimedia, Mindshare and FUSE Marketing Group. The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada and the Institution of Communication Agencies also are part of the Agency Network’s portfolio of content contributors.

Michael Girgis, president, says that the Agency Network is now moving into phase two.

“We wanted to get the main media agencies in Toronto on board first,” says Girgis. “We’ve been refining how they are using it. Now that most of them are getting on board, we’re moving into both getting the Montreal and Vancouver offices of these media shops to be involved. We are also now moving towards getting the network into the creative and strategy agencies.”

Onestop’s Agency Network is a digital out-of-home channel featuring real-time agency and industry content displayed on large format digital screens in agency lobbies, boardrooms and common areas. Each Agency Network installation is branded to its host environment and acts as a valuable internal-communication tool messaging staff and visitors. Using the channel and Onestop’s proprietary smartAD, agency staff schedule and highlight their people s well as their work for clients. In addition, trade publications stream real time industry news feeds.

Stephen Brown, president of Fuse Marketing Group says, “As the FUSE Marketing Group continues to grow, we see Onestop’s Agency Network as the ideal tool to communicate internally with our staff, to keep everyone aware of current projects and corporate successes and to welcome visitors. Having a steady stream of advertising industry news in our office will keep everyone connected to the latest developments.”

Girgis says that the Agency Network’s ability to provide an office with real-time, contextual content has been extremely well received.

“It can be seen as an evolution of social media, specifically tailored to the advertising market place,” he says.

Karen Nayler, president of The Canadian Media Directors’ Council and Mindshare says, “Onestop’s Agency Network is helping our industry practice what we preach: to communicate, connect and share beyond the traditional media channels. For example, we streamed LIVE CMDC conference highlights to the Agency Network partnered offices/agencies and demonstrated the Agency Network experience live at the CDMC conference. ”

Large format LCDs and projection technology were strategically placed throughout the CMDC conference environment to emulate Onestop’s Agency Network experience.

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